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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
I think for a lot of TI swimmers its a good idea to shorten the extension, get a quick meathook claw in the water and pull with the trunc abdominals/obliques right to the other side and repeat.
Most have simply no idea to hook up the anchor to the trunc, and get a rhythm going that way.
The TI beginner style with long pause and jerky pull keeps you in that unknowing state forever.
Especially the start of the pull needs some help from the trunc.
Once you have found that short trunchelping rhythical style , you can lengthen out streamline more again, while keeping contact with that rhythm.
Just to be clear, you are suggesting that for less experienced swimmers who don't have a feel for the rhythm to shorten the lead hand extension and, presumably, also the patient lead hand wait, and to get the meathook claw set up early?

Once the trunk-helping rhythm is dialled in, then the swimmer can gradually lengthen out the streamline again, keeping an eye on not losing the rhythm.

So the idea is only to shorten the extension initially as a temporary aid to "getting" the rhythm (and feeling that the pull is from the abd obliques, not from the arms or even the lats)?

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