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my main focal point on every swim is Natalie Coughlins

Plant your arm and swing your body around it.

You can focus on the planting part, or on the swinging around part (the TI focus)
Important to keep the body fishlike from the ribcage down, all the way to the point of the toe.
Thats where dryland instincts can emerge when you start to pull before you have setup your anchor properly (planting the arm)
If you dont havent setup up your anchor properly , there is nothing to swing forward from.
But once you have an anchor in the water, then its almost forget about it, throw that highside forward , and corkscrew/sqeeze past it.

I think for a lot of TI swimmers its a good idea to shorten the extension, get a quick meathook claw in the water and pull with the trunc abdominals/obliques right to the other side and repeat.
Most have simply no idea to hook up the anchor to the trunc, and get a rhythm going that way.
The TI beginner style with long pause and jerky pull keeps you in that unknowing state forever.
Especially the start of the pull needs some help from the trunc.
Once you have found that short trunchelping rhythical style , you can lengthen out streamline more again, while keeping contact with that rhythm.

One thing i have been working on lately is slowing down the stroke to get both arms working together through the trunk

i found that relaxing the hands and almost screwing them counterclockwise at extention then back through clockwise to set up catch in time with the weight of the recovery coming over

feel like im connected through the shoulders when i do this

hands claw like but relaxed sort of like turning 2 taps on & off out front
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