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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post

I have also experienced exactly what Coach Stuart predicted when in a challenging 30 x 50m set (:45/50m pace, :20 rest), I focused on maintaining SPL of 16 or less. I found myself able to do it. Halfway through the set I was hitting 15 SPL. Then 14. I never got tired, and completed the whole set easily, and at lower SPL than planned. So, done correctly, Coach Stuart is right--lower SPL = lower exertion.
Hi Tom,
I have been doing a lot of 50 yard asymmetrical pyramids using the TT. It's been a huge eye opener for me. I start at 1.1 going down in .1 interval to 0.8 and then up in .05 up back to 1.1. Where before I found anything 1.2 or faster too hard, I now find 1.1 fairly comfortable specially after coming back up from 0.8.

Now, with respect to your comments above. When I am doing this set I am at about an SPL of 17 increasing to about 20 at the 0.8 pace. I am able to do 14-15 SPL but at a very pedestrian pace. My 50 yard time above start at about 45s and go down to 40s at the faster tempo. If I then try and do a 14-15 SPL my time will be closer to 48 seconds.

I guess I am not yet at that point in my journey where I can do the faster times at lower SPL. Higher tempos (faster turnover) has to lead to faster speeds but at higher SPL I have always struggled to grasp the concept of maintaining these speeds but at lower SPL.
Coach Stuart McDougal knocking me into shape
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