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Terry, wow thank you for the reply and direction on which i need to go which i will take every bit in and work on.

My SPL i have no idea as counting my strokes like you say takes up the only bit of brain space left at the time of concentrating of all the small details required to balance and streamline and go the distance i did as i have not spent enough time with the drills to have the small details imprinted into my style to happen naturally for the duration.

My split times i was lucky with keeping the times as i started the session right on the hour as well as having a watch with 2 stopwatch timers built in left me with only the 3rd round of 20 to remember during the session.
I always use both timers for the few times that i have been able to complete over 20 laps.

I have ordered an automatic lap counting watch that should be here this week that will take out the worry of keeping up with lap counts therefore helping me to focus more on relaxation and this will allow me to count some of the SPL's.

During drills i can achieve only SPL's of 17 (i am 180cm) but during the session i am guessing its more like 19 to 20 but i did feel as if i held a consistent stroke throughout till the end but i have a long way to go with reducing this down to a possible drill SPL of 15 which i have set as a goal fr this year.

The tempo trainer i will definitely look at as i do need to pick up the pace to be in a competitive time range to not finish last and having the stewards waiting for me at the finish line as i would like to enter some competitions next summer, open water 1.2 and 1.4 km races.

Funny enough though throughout the 1600 odd strokes with a 2 beat kick there was 2 kicks in succession in the middle of it all that i really felt like i had propelled forward but i was never able to repeat it so until the tempo trainer is ordered i'll be working on finding that hidden leg propeller point and bilateral breathing for the next week to help with the distance and maybe take a second or 2 off even before i start on your advice.

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