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Hello Ant,

In my personal opinion, it would be to TI's benefit to make it a rule that from now on, TI footage must not be slowed-down! When you see it at nomal speed, you get no impression of over-long glides whatsoever.
Think you're right to have something against the prejudice, TI is another word for Swimming Slow (Although the acronym SS belongs to an other company, sorry couldn't resist...) And fast TI-swimmers will doubtless be a good figurehead for TI.

On the other side TI as system has not only been built for performance-oriented competitors but for everyone interested in swimming. (Started myself with 60 years and would have derelict, when I had not stumbled over the "smooth" parts of TI (again a problem with my ability to resist)).

Something I heard quite often from other swimmers: You're swimming so slowly, but you're so fast... And to see the objective times, even in his most popular demo Shinji in his no-slow-motion-parts swims a pace around 1:20, which (imho) is fast for many mortals, although most YT-observers would see him as swimming slowly.

When coaching I have to slow down my students very often, not because slow-motion is an immanent TI-internal, but simply to help me to be able to help with hands on. Surely they'll know. (And being in the water with the students, not shouting from deck, for me is a typical strength of TI's teaching system...)

Coach David Shen once posted: ...but 1.5km in 30 minutes should be possible for most of us. That's very slow for competitive swimmers, but a handy target, many in swimming interested will have to work for a long time to reach.

But nevertheless I'm looking forward too, to see some (more) videos of "fast" TI-swimmers. (No matter how tall they are... to get a relation to the thread...)

Best regards,

PS: The best way to handle temptations might be, when you give into it...
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