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Default Encouraging Improvement

Monday 8 Apr 2800y in 55 min at SUNY

I saw the rheumatologist today and he gave me a shot of an anti-inflammatory medication he promises will have me feeling back in the pink by tomorrow. I was so encouraged by this news that I went direct to the pool to celebrate. Also I was feeling much better today than Saturday, so I had strong expectation for a good practice. Indeed it was very good.

Tuneup Set 6 x 100 EZ IM (25 ea: FR-BK-BR-FR @ 12-14-7-13 SPL) on 2:00
I descended these 1:46 to 1:37 without adding a single stroke. 9 sec. faster for 100y on same stroke count is always good.

MIT (Most Important Task) 3 rounds of [4 x 150 on 2:30] + 50 EZ BK between rounds.
This set/task is a followup to the set I described in post #4. I did the set as follows:
Rd 1 @ 14 SPL. I descended 2:08-2:07-2:06-2:04.
Rd 2 @ 15 SPL. Times: 2:07-2:05-2:03-2:01
Rd 3 @ 16 SPL. Times: 2:06 - 2:03 - 2:01 - 1:57***

How did I descend these rounds?
In each round I swam #1 with featherlight pressure, #2 still light pressure but emphasizing integration between pull and kick; #3 moderately-strong pressure on both pull and 2BK; #4 with highest pressure I could apply, while still feeling that I my pressure was moving me forward, not moving the water around. It took great discipline and focus to maintain Stroke Length as I added power. But that leads to flow AND hardwires that habit for races.

14 SPL - Avg pace 2:06 (42sec/50) Avg Tempo 1.17
15 SPL - Avg pace 2:04 (41.4sec/50) Avg Tempo 1.08
16 SPL - Avg pace 2:02 (40.6sec/50) Avg Tempo 0.98 (.94 on #4)

This is the same range of tempos as I'd done on the 3 rounds of [3x200].

My next practice main set will be 3 rounds of [6x100].

Breaststroke Set
My Breaststroke Improvement Project remains ongoing so I finished this practice with a standard set -- 4 x 50 @ 7+8 strokes on 1:30
I added 15 seconds to my usual rest interval to see how much additional speed it might yield.
I descended these 50s (I strive to always descend)
52-50-49-48 sec for a cumulative 200 time of 3:17 -- one second off my best for this set, but I hadn't swum any BR repeats in 2+ weeks.
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