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Default 200 Yd Repeats as Main Task

Fri 22 March 3000y in 55 min
400y EZ Medley
Today I varied it, doing 100FR100BK100BR100FR @ 13-14-7 SPL for FR-BK-BR. I neglected to check my time.

Main Task: 3 rounds of [3 x 200] + EZ 50 between rounds.
I planned this based on my results in the baseline test set. I decided on rounds of 3x200 because each round equals 600y, slightly longer than the 550 repeats in the test set. My plan was to swim one round each at the same stroke counts as the 550s with a goal of seeing how much faster I could swim than I had the other day. Here are results:

Rd 1 @ 14SPL (my interval was 3:10) 2:52-2:50-2:48
Rd 2 @ 15SPL (interval of 3:15) 2:47-2:45-2:43
Rd 3 @ 16SPL (interval of 3:20) 2:43-2:41-2:39

14 SPL - Avg pace 2:50 (1:25/100) Avg Tempo 1.17
15 SPL - Avg pace 2:45 (1:22.5/100) Avg Tempo 1.06
16 SPL - Avg pace 2:41 (1:20.2/100) Avg Tempo 0.98

Following my baseline test set I wrote:
>>My project will focus on getting comfortable at
14SPL at tempos faster than 1.25,
15SPL at tempos faster than 1.13, and
16SPL at tempos faster than 1.03>>
So clearly, after just one practice I'm well on my way.

My plan now is to cycle through the following series of Main Tasks, probably progressing to the next set every 3 to 4 days.
3 x [3x200]
3 x [4x150]
3 x [6x100]
3 x [8x75]
In each instance, I'll do one round each at 14-15-16 SPL.
I'm confident that each time I step down in repeat distance, my average pace will get faster--without increasing effort--and thus my avg tempo will also get faster.

After completing a cycle, I'll start again at the top, anticipating that my paces (and thus tempos) for the sets of 3 x 200 at each SPL should be faster than before, etc. I will probably complete 4 cycles of 4 Main Tasks during the 2 months this project will last.
Follow my progress here.

Secondary Task 4 x 50 BR - with 50 EZ BK between.
This is part of my ongoing Breaststroke Improvement Project
I swam these at 8+9 SPL. My times were 50-49-48-47 sec, for a cumulative 200 total of 3:15. Best broken 200 I've done yet.
I added one more 50, doing FR @ 15+16 SPL in a time of 36 sec.
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