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T, uncanny how our minds run parallel as I began my distance focus just yesterday. However, I took a more modest approach. Anytime I miss three or more days of swimming I allow myself to re-boot beginning a new week with gentle swimming, focusing on awareness. I did so on Monday and followed up with a series primarily focused on getting comfortable swimming longer.
1400 @ 20:50s then 700 @ 10:50s then a set of descending 100s : 1:28- 1:23 (glimpse of 1:22) BUT all @ the same avg spl! Arduous to say the least.
Btw, I 'challenged myself today (having a limited timed practice) with an extended medley set ( I'm so infatuated with this) as:
(2x 100FR 100BK 100BR 100FR continuous)
A modest 15:something
Followed by 4x 100 descending 1:48-1:40:
I'll be 'following' close behind ; )
(I neglected to mention that I'll be progressing similarly by breaking down my repeat distances as you have laid out or close to it)

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