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Most of my TI 'training' before writing on this forum involved simply trying to do in the pool what I remembered from TI videos I found online. I didn't really do any drills, but it helped lengthen my body, and slow my kick, and focus on getting more distance from each. It also allowed me to go from 100m to 1000m. Which really got me motivated. I felt good in the pool, but needed a video to realise how inefficient I was.

I always swim a 50m pool

Yep, when I think 'swim tall' I always try to reach far above the water and pull as much water back as possible. I've short-circuited a bit lately with all the new information, I used to enter a lot closer to the head, and THEN reach forward to the catch position, when I first heard 'swim downhill' I tried to position my body in a -10 degree position in the water, and spear my leading arm down -10 degrees into the water, these were really effortless laps and the first time I did it, I finished 1000m with ease. There's a lot of technique stuff in my head at the moment, i'm getting a bit confused. Sometimes I kick, sometimes I don't, sometimes I spear into the water closer to the head, sometimes I reach. It's a bit of a mess

Thanks man. Using the screw analogy is a cool way to think of a more efficient way of using my body. I don't quite know how to use my core or hips to produce forward movement. To tell you the truth, I feel like I am holding on to a ladder, beneath the water, and once reaching for the further rung, I hold on to that rung, and use my muscle (it should be my contracting lat muscle, but FEELS like my shoulder) to pull myself forward for four strokes, before getting breath. To me it feels like: rung, rung, rung, rung (breathe) repeat. Like I am in a very shallow pool. Reach for rung, pull hard, glide, swap arms, it feels very much like an arm movement. I went Kayaking recently, and my instructor said the same thing, I was using my arms.

That's a beautiful video, watching these videos has really motived me to go swimming, I try to imprint these videos as much as possible, and before recording the video, I thought I wasn't far off :) Almost looks like he is being pulled along with a rope.

Louis Tharp,
Thanks, tried the 2 second anchor and pull drill yesterday. I think I have to continue to practice this, as it feels unbalanced. I still don't quite understand what should be my body angle on each side should it be flat or at a 45 degree - \ or /. I keep thinking
1) spear into the water near my head and extend to a position a foot below the water at full extension
2) wait here for two seconds, as I do this prepare my other arm slowly near my head for the next spear
3) like climbing a ladder, pull the imaginary rung down to my thigh, while spearing my other arm through the water near my head, and extending a foot below the water and full extension

While doing this (following a skate drill) I want to open my body to the side of the pool.

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