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Default The 'anti-aging' paper

Originally Posted by terry View Post
I'll also describe the health component in concrete terms that should resonate strongly with almost anyone.
E.G. While saying that 'everyone knows swimming is a heart-healthy, low-impact, all-around body toner' I'll add that the particular style and approach TI teaches maximizes the 'anti-aging' or 'healthful aging' aspects -- and will include a link to an article that gives research-supported details why.
Terry, even if the word health didn't got its place in the mission statement, I suppose that you will touch that in other places on the new website.

I remember that when you told us that you were writing a new book, you showed a passage where you wrote something like 'TI gives you longer life'. I reacted negative to that since you didn't give any references that supported your statement. My intention was to mention that the, but I forgot about it. When you now say the same thing and say that you have scientific support for it, I feel relief, since statements like that needs to be backed up, else they are considered only as advertising mumbo jumbo.

I am curious about that article, so could you please provide us with the link?
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