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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
In the past year I have had series of health issues that have significantly reduced my pool time. Up till now I have been very fortunate and grateful that my first 82 years treated me gently.
I have logged into this forum and itís predessesor daily since about 2000. Getting back into the pool today was like returning home. As I have pending surgery I took things very easily. I did 8x100m freestyle with about 30 sec.
rest. These had loosened me up so I did 4x25m of easy Fly. They felt wonderful.
All theses lengths were done in the TI mode. This resulted in me experiencing a soft joy.
My gratitude to you Terry. RIP
To Alice and Family - my empathy and support in your grieving.
Love Joy and Gratitude
Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with getting back in the pool. Your phrase 'experiencing a soft joy' resonated with me and I will be using that phrase in my next coaching sessions.
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