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Have you tried the drill sequence in the TI Betterfly DVD? I've never had anyone need fins to do them.
Hi Bob,

Yeah, I've been doing the hand sculling drill while trying to perform the undulations and hand sculling with kick however I don't really have the grace or flexibility to make it give me any meaningful forward movement. But I do get the head forward and shoulders down, making hips rise but I'm sure I look rather rigid when I do it.

Now I've been able to figure out how to generate some propulsion from the legs I can swim a couple of lengths at 29s/25m. I tend to start off 'boomer style' with a bit more glide then on the second half I pick up the stroke rate so it's more powerful. But I couldn't sustain that long.

I've noticed focusing on those drills also transfers well to my breaststroke.
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