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Very nice video indeed. I also noticed the undulation. It is facinating and inspiring. Looks like he's engaging the abs as the very first step (prior kicking). This makes him really swiming downhill, but I'm wondering how energy efficient it is. I know Terry says the core muscles (the abs) are virtually tirelessly and should used to create propultion through body rotation. But in this video, he seems to use the front abs (the six pacs) to somehow dive and then reuse this energy via the buoyancy.
Concerning the legs I spent my whole swimming session figuring out how to kick from the hip. I found this idea: swim with straight legs. Doing so I noticed I still bend the knees, imperceptly which is fine. Additionally I found a new focal point for my balance: feel air on my buttocks!

I also felt a bit rushing, but before trying to glide more, I'd like stop feeling accelerating/decelerating during my stroke. Maybe I was rushing because I was not using my TT for the first time since January!

Thanks for all the comments
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