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for the moment...

first: I got confused (Lost in Translation?) in this thread, spreaded too wide and some arguments don't look consistent to me, if I'm able to find them at all. OK, seems I've done my own part on this.

Second: Glad ZT is back with lots of video-examples, eagle-eye and well thought analyzes, and am admiring Mushroomfloat for all this video-links, although our insights and conclusions are quite different.

Third: Dave, do you have special mini-FPs when focusing in the upkick? I didn't have in mind till now, but am working for a long time now and then on my kick, because I can not achieve the feeling, Terry describes in 2.0 Mastery, the constant pressure on the whole kicking leg. Do feel it only from knee downward. To feel it up to thigh I have to stiffen the leg and kick far out of streamline. Will see, if an extended upkick will helpt ot get this feeling.

Fourth: Danny, did you ever try swimming with fistgloves? You wan't get a grip with dropped elbows... and may be worth a try as Finis fulcrums.

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