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Originally Posted by tlamadeo View Post
Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster I just started swimming last year with hopes to complete my first tri in 2013. I started by self-teaching based on the TI books & videos, but quickly got stuck and seeked out a TI coach (coach Danny in Boulder, Colorado). He helped me get through my sticking points and nail down a decent stroke. In July 2013 I competed in a sprint tri and swam well but very slow (750m in open water in about 18:30). From there I continued to fine-tune my stroke until I finally achieved that effortless form I was seeking. I can now hop in the pool and crank out a mile with no stops pretty easily, but my times are still very slow for my gender/age group (32 M). In the last three weeks I've done 2 one mile swims per week and just can't crack 36 minutes, which I feel is about 10 mins slower than I could be. In talking with Coach Danny, he feels my next step is to get a tempo trainer and train myself to stroke faster. I think this is a great idea, as I definitely over-glide and stroke too slow.

Does anyone on the board have experience with using a tempo trainer to increase speed? Is there a certain protocol I should be using? Something like start with 1.4 s and decrease by 0.1 each session? I think that's what Terry said in one of his podcasts, but unfortunately I didn't take notes while listening.

Thanks in advance!!!
my first mile was tt 1.38 time was 31.45 I think. You need to keep pushing your max stroke rate to enable max+20% feel really relaxed. Good luck.
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