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Right, I showed that video a few times also. indeed the differnce is subtle from the outside, but when you know the differnce, the diffeence in swim perception is substantial.
When I started swimming I was intrigued by the power from the hips mantra and rolled my hips a lot to extract that mystical power from it.
Simply rolling the hips is useless and even counterproductive.
The hips are part of a kinetic chain and need to be controlled in amplitude to extract the optimal amount of power following that kinetic chain.
Just when throwing a ball or boxing or throwing a spear or golfing; swinging your hips without proper connection to the rest of the motions of the body is just silly.

you might focus on the roll of your low side hip when swimming slow. Mostly the hip overrolls and has to be rolled back all the way to the other side every stroke. Like a big mass is attached to your hips that keeps on rolling when it has gained momentum. females suffer more from it than males usually, which makes sense.
Now control that hips roll and transfer the rol of the hip to the shoulder , so that the shoulder is taken along with the hip rotation, while you lenghten and reach with the low side of the body.
Now the roll of the hips decreases and the roll of the shoulder increases a bit.
That takes some muscle tension and tone to accomplish, but you will get rid of the overshoot and feel that your body tracks more straight and forward.
You simply eliminate superfluous and unneeded extra motion from your stroke.

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