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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
at the other end of the spectrum, 25-50 sprints with 4 minutes of rest inbetween is a protocol that Master's University showed increased aerobic endurance & speed as well as anaerobic capacity in cyclists who followed the protocol vs. endurance based riding.
That would be pretty typical thinking among swim coaches. Always focused on physiological parameters. I was entirely focused on feel on the set of 25s Fly.

The key difference is that, if I was aiming to create a physiological effect, then the best thing would be to swim them as hard as possible. I went the other way. My first 25 felt too effortful, not sufficiently flowing. It was 8 strokes and 21 sec. Over the next 7 repeats I was focused hard on making the swim feel easy. The last 2 x 25 felt very fluent. There was a strikingly greater sense of coordinated, integrated power at the end. The beginning felt like disjointed effort. That's neural adaptation, which the guy in the BT forum was scoffing at.

This kind of focus is driven by first-hand knowledge that in order to swim in the range of 2:56-2:58 (my lifetime best is 3:03 from 2006) for 200 Fly, I'll need to keep all my 50s at or just under 45 sec. If I'm working hard I won't be able to do that on #s 3 and 4.
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