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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
Clearly i need to practice more. :)
Don't we all. In the spirit of never feeling my current level of Mastery is 'good enough' here's a practice I did this morning,with your Matrix idea as inspiration. As all will see, there are many ways to design a Matrix.

Wed Jan 4 3300 @ SUNY
Like Tuesday I planned this as a Recovery/Mastery (R/M) practice. I still feel tired and sore from training. I’ll stay in this mode until I feel fresher and more energetic.
Set #1 “Inverse Pyramid” Matrix
5 rounds of [3 x 100] on 1:40 interval. Descend each round 1-3 while maintaining SPL
Rnd - STKS/100 - Times
1 60 1:31-1:27
2 56 1:28-1:26
3 52 1:27-1:25
4 56 1:25-1:23
5 60 1:24-1:22
Notes: My goal was only to descend each round. Though I didn’t try to make each round faster, it ‘happened’ without overt effort. As stroke count decreased I could sense speed improving through keener focus resulting in greater coordination and precision. As SPL increased again in Rounds 4&5, I was able to lighten all aspects of stroke and kick, yet keep seeing pace improve. All are essential elements in a R/M practice.
It occurs to me that an Inverse Pyramid Matrix may be a very effective pre-race warmup for 1000 or 1650 in a meet. I’ll experiment with it at an upcoming meet.

Set #2 500 + 2 x 250 + 4 x 125 @15SPL on 1:30/100 interval.
I decided to repeat a close approximation of my first set from the day before. Same overall distance and interval, but +1SPL (yet still -1 to my planned race SPL). I wanted to see how much my pace might be improved if I allowed myself one more stroke each lap but maintained same sense of ease.
500:– 6:59 (1:23/100)
250s: 3:27-3:26 = 6:51 (1:22/100)
125s: 1:24-1:23-1:21-1:21 = 6:49 (1:21/100)
This is an encouraging result. My total time for yesterday’s ‘broken 1500’ was 21:45 (1:27/100). Today’s nearly-identical set, with +1 SPL but no more effort, came in at 20:39 (1:22+/100).

Set #3
8 x 25 FLY @ 8SPL on :45 interval. Average: 21 sec.
This is a quality set, but swimming fast on 25s doesn’t compromise recovery. So short speed sets do fit into a R/M practice. My race goal is to swim sub-3:00 for 200 yd Fly in April. I expect to swim 9SPL during that race so I do my pace work at -1 to that SPL. I will continue with this set until I can hold 8 x 25 at 19 sec, then will increase # of reps and/or decrease rest interval.
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