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Originally Posted by jboosted92 View Post
A older gentleman was in the lane next to me, and i explained to him my troubles, so he had me do a few strokes, (without the finis) and here is what he noticed..

A. My Legs were WAY to far down.....
B. My arms/stroke was off a bit. I wasnt "reaching" enough, and my catch alignnment was "off"
C. He suggested "pushing chest down" to elevate hips ( clearly i thought i was in past, but may have forgetten to "Stick with it"

After that, i "really" tried to reach forward, and WOW, i went about 15 meters further than usual ( now bear in mind, i wasnt thinking about breathing at this point) very focused on reach. He also noticed i wasnt "rolling" properly , and that could be creating drag.

Of course by the time this all happened i was pretty beat, but here is my plan for tomorrow. Let me know if this sounds good....

1. Use the reach to really start disciplining my body roll (treat like a canoe instead of a barge)
2. Consciensly push my chest down thus causing my legs to be higher. I really could feel the drag with the Finis....i thought it might be oxygen related but it could really feel "tiredness" in my legs after 1 lap...does that make sense?

Any tips on how to "time" the stroke with my exhale. I tried a bit today, but maybe too dum dum to figure out .... "3rd stroke, finish breath...etc.." Should i just try every right arm stroke? seems like a lot for me.. ( by alot meaning,..ill be breathing like a Lamas class)

Any advice? concerns?
The two things that affect whether your hips are sinking are:

1) Your head position: Have you relaxed your head into the water with your nose pointing down?

2) The position of your leading arm: You want the wrist of your leading arm to be lower than your shoulder and you want your palm turned down and your fingertips angled slightly down. You need to experiment with how low your leading arm needs to be to bring your hips up so they're level with your shoulders.

In freestyle, you want to be going back and forth between your skate position on one side and your skate position on the other side. The switch drills in the TI training materials (spearswitch, swingswitch, overswitch) are designed to teach you to coordinate your body roll with your armstroke and recovery, and to perfect your catch. A lack of body roll doesn't really create drag - you will just end up relying purely on arm strength instead of drawing on your core body to power your stroke.

Breathing every 3rd stroke is definitely better than breathing every other stroke, provided that you are getting enough air, since this will force you to alternate breathing sides, thereby making your stroke more symmetric. If you find that you're not getting enough air that way, another alternative is to breathe on your right side on one length of the pool and breathe on your left side on the next length, and so on.

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