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Originally Posted by dubdub View Post
.But when I remove the fins, I'm realizing that my legs sink and drag behind me. I think this was the case even before I used the fins but the usage of the fins have made me aware of this sinking/drag. Without the fins I do 25 yards with about 30 strokes which is not sustainable. I'm very dejected.

I don't want to be dependent on the fins. They have been useful in localizing issues I see with my technique. But now comes the hard part. How do I get my feel/legs to stay afloat?.
It sounds like your problem is not so much a problem swimming without fins, but a problem of relying too much on your kick to keep your body horizontal. What the fins are really doing is amplifying your kick, thereby making this easier.

What happens when you do Superman Glide without kicking? Are you conscious of your legs sinking? If so, how much of a kick do you have to add to keep this from happening? You shouldn't need to add more than a very gentle kick.

TI freestyle really just goes from your Skate position on one side to your Skate position on the other side, so if you can find your balance in your Skate position without fins, you should be able to do it while swimming freestyle. The keys to finding your balance in Skate are:
  1. head position - are you relaxing your head into the water with your nose pointed down?
  2. position of your leading arm - your wrist should be lower than your shoulder with your palm facing down and your fingertips angled down

If you do these things and your legs are still sinking, trying lowering your leading arm more.

If you have access to water that is over your head (some pools don't provide this), you can improve the effectiveness of your kick by doing Vertical Kicking: Fold your arms across your chest and keep your head above water by kicking. Focus on kicking from your hips and ankles - not from your knees. You can transition to horizontal kicking by starting Vertical Kicking and then letting yourself "fall back" onto your back while still kicking. If you spend some time doing Vertical Kicking each time you have a swim practice, you should see your kick improve over time.

Let us know how you make out!

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