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Default Long swims


I'd like to participate in a long distance open water swim in May, 1.6k, 2K or 4K. I have been pratcicing TI for over a year and feel that my stroke is much more efficent. I was able to swim 2000 yards 4 - 5 times this summer (all in a pool) but backed off becasue I felt like my stroke was wearing down. So I have in effect started over doing 100% TI drills 4 days a week. In November I have reintroduced one long swim per week. I started with 500 yards 6 weeks ago and completed 1000 yesterday. My SPL stroke count is between 16 - 18. I can get it as low as 14 but only with over gliding.

I just received my DVD copy of Easy Free Style and have incorparated the lessons into my daily work outs. ( I am driving my kids crazy becasue its the only thing I have been watching). Looking for some advise should I continue to build up with one long swim a week I have developed a 20 week schudle where I boost my long swim yardage by 10% per week. By week 14 I will hit 4000 yards. My other workourts are intervals where I also boost the yardage cooresponding with TI workouts.

As an example this Saturday my long swim will be 1100. My swim on Sunday (today) Tuesday, Thursday, Friday will all be betwen 1000 - 1200 and 70% of the yardage will be TI drills. As I get closer to May and as my daily yardage increases my TI drilling will drop to about 30% of the total.

I am planning to attend a TI workshop this Spring.

So I'd like for you all to tear this apart and tell me what's wrong and what I need to do differently, keeping in mind that by May I'd like to have been able to swim a 4K consisently.


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