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Default Pool to Open Water - Prep

I guess I'll post here since the Open Water section doesn't get as much traffic. For those who swim in both pools and open water, what might I expect when moving from an 80-deg salt-water pool (well, non-chlorinated) to a 75-deg freshwater lake (big reservoir). Is it harder/easier, slower/faster, a temperature shock etc. and how it might affect stamina? Open water newbie. Don't intend to wear a wetsuit.

Lake Castaic in Southern California has 400M / 1K / 1 mi. races in the summer. So I'll try the 400M and if it feels good do the 1K in September. Thinking of treating it carefully, not so much a race but go out as if I'm warming up, stay out of traffic and halfway through if I'm calm and in control, then turn on the speed.

In the 25Y pool, I should be able to do 400Y in less than 6m30s but that's with strong push offs.I'd hate to go bounding out there to find it's tougher than I expected and run out of gas due to inexperience, chaos, panic. Think I'll practice 500Y times in the pool and practice in the lake once. Any thoughts-experience appreciated.
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