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Default Feedback on my freestyle video


It's been a year and three months I started learning TI freestyle (two years ago I wasn't able to cross a 50m pool). I think it's time for me to dare showing you my current level. I'm going to take my first TI swimming lesson in UK in a month (with Ian Smith), so for now I've been only using TI DVDs&book.

I've shot a few sequences two days this week and I tried to get my stroke recorded to every possible angle: here it is my video

My personal opinion about the things I need to improve:
  • I need to quit the feeling of accelerating/decelerating I currently feel (by improving my catch?)
  • My 2-beat kick should use my whole leg, and not only the part under the knee (no clue how to do that for now...)
  • My hands are not relaxed (but they don't make my hand scoop up, so is it a problem?)
  • Even if my balance is not that bad, I'm still swimming too much uphill.

What do you think? What should be my next priotities?

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