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Congrats on your PB Bob. That is even more significant as your last PB was most likely set with a full body suit. This one of course you are several years more mature (:0) ) and without the full body suit.
I was able to establish several PBs up till I was 75 and then the change in suit regulations and a noticeable fall in testosterone blood levels have resulted in significantly slower times. I have really worked on my form (balance and streamlining) and the times are still slower. I have not muscled the water for 10 years but even so I think the loss of muscle strength is having an effect.
The experts claim that we lose 2% muscle mass per year beginning about the 30 year mark. At age 75 they claim it leaps to 6% per year. This decline of course can be slowed down with life style adaptations. It would seem that despite my excercise and nutrition regime the 75 year model is having its toll.
Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this and anyone else's.
I still thoroughly enjoy my three 1.5 hour swims each week and plan on doing so for years to come.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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