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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
mushroomfloat, you might find the finding freestyle drills interesting

its about the basic 2 swimming styles,
-float and paddle style next stage with one leg added.

- statue of liberty
everybody has to find his her optimal mix between these 2.

I dont agree with their description of twisting of the torso. What they show is bending and twisting of the torso combined.
They dont differentiate different movements very well.

There are 3 movements the torso can make:
So enough to play with ha ha

TI is very much at the statue of liberty end of the spectrum, but with a 2BK.
Thanks! that joins a few dots for me.
i have been swimming all of those as different strokes probably heading to the final destination in a roundabout way.
I totally get the head lead thing, its one of my main focusses getting the head back down in time with the pull and using it to drive the stroke.

And the shoulders remaining straight as kayak

I finished up last night with a stroke that was catching in the front whilt exiting in the back with highelbow catch & highelbow recovery that was just happening through the shoulders / rotation
very fast and automatic as if both arms connected.
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