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Not much to add to that insightful post :)

I've been swimming breaststroke a lot lately whereas it is not that good for my right knee or knees in general.

As my experience grows my opinion changes. I do not think breast is under-rated I think lots of competitive people simply do not care for the slower alternative and that is the end of the line for most.
I still wish for some change in competition, foremost races length as competition is the best incentive for techniques to evolves.

Other than I change my breast kick into a fly kick as i focus on reinforcing the medial muscles of my tight as well as ligament (do you say PAPI in English?). I also do a more careful, wider outsweep/insweep in an attempt to equalize the strength between my left and right side (strengthen my right side). Damned slow at first, still slow after a while though as <i get used to it that almost physical therapy like training may do great for my butterfly. I eased much further into the fly kick, and realize that my hips flexors, namely the rectus femoris was way too tense bending more than I realized). I can do many lengths of "breastfly" at a low level of exertion.
It also got my to further improve the whole body undulation and how it relates with breathe and legs. So as an advice to the reader here mind your hips flexors (especially Rectus femoris) it bends you (I guess it applies to freestyle too), armstring seems to be a more known source of issues both need to be relaxed at least not tense, water does not "understand" tight and rigid motions.
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