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Originally Posted by liolio View Post
Late thanks for your advices.
I've followed your advices thought I understood what was wrong with my kick/undulation only a couple days ago. I was relaxing (or so I thought...) I was trying to go with the flow with light flicking kick yet it was not ok, something was wrong.
i finally realized (though working my breaststroke) that whereas I was relaxing my leg torso and what not actually my lower back remained quite tense (without me noticing it) which preventing the undulation to feel really connected => tough to get hips elevation, up kicking was not feeling right, etc.
It has only been a couple days but I can't tell that it i a major piece of the puzzle I expect now to get in place within the couple months :)

Still far from flying but parts of stroke start to make more sense.
Great news! Keep us informed about how you're doing!

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