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Originally Posted by liolio View Post
I will go with your take, it is slightly slower than flip turn but not a deal breaker. I think the breastroker should be allowed "free" underwater dolphin as flyers/freestylers, etc.
The current breaststroke rules allow one dolphin kick after the start and after each turn, and that's a relatively recent change to the rules. And I can remember what spawned it:

Nowadays, it has become common to have underwater cameras at the big championship meets and to have them follow the swimmer who is in the lead. But the official calls regarding what is legal or illegal are made by stroke judges without reference to the camera. But at a major FINA world competition, the underwater shots of the winning breaststroker in one of the heats clearly showed that he had done a single dolphin kick before doing his pulldown and beginning to stroke. Since the stroke judge hadn't spotted this, he couldn't be disqualified, but the response of the judges in subsequent heats seemed to be to go overboard and disqualify breaststrokers if they weren't positively sure what they did was legal (instead of giving the benefit of the doubt to the swimmer, as they should do), resulting in some breaststrokers being erroneously DQed.

In the aftermath, it was concluded that since stroke judges couldn't always see whether a single dolphin kick had occurred, the rules should be modified to allow a single dolphin kick.

The reason for not allowing dolphin kicking when streamlining in breaststroke is that one of the things that distinguishes breaststroke from other strokes is that the dolphin kick is not a legal kick (whereas it is a legal kick for freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly).

I'm not expert enough to set the limit but I would think it needs to be shorten, I swim on 50m, some competition are on 50m but a lot of racing and training happens on 25m pools. 15m is a lot 3/5 of the length: too much especially on short distances.
Actually, it can be worse than that! The 15m limit on underwater streamlining (in freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly) applies even in 25y pools, where 15m is slightly more than 3/5 of the length of the pool.

I got that one wrong I thought the swimmer had to get the whole head (which happens anyway even at the slowest pace in racing /200m). The rules actually allow for some variations of the stroke on longer distances.
The rules don't require breathing on every stroke, even though most breaststrokers do it.

Anyway I argue for the joy of arguing, the main issue let say when comparing breast to fly is in fact the underwater dolphin.
It is really tough to set rule for such a stroke that can be swum underwater without creating the level of exertion underwater dolphin does. The issue would solve itself on longer distances but on short distance the swimmer may hardly break the surface.
I think it's more of an issue for turns than for starts. When I set my own lifetime personal best time in 50 breaststroke, I actually streamlined more than half the length of the (25y) pool after my start (in spite of not being allowed to do dolphin kicking), but didn't go as far as that after my turn.

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