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Originally Posted by BerndS View Post
it helped me a lot to do the following two warm ups:

to get the body-wave and the kick-rythm:
breast-arm stroke + butterfly kick (at least 2 lanes)
2 kicks: one on entering the water (body wave), one at catching breath
2.5 kicks: a small one like relaxing the legs in between

to warm up the arms and get a breath-rythm:
one sided crawl (2-4 strokes) then change side (2-4 strokes) then full butterfly (2-4 strokes) then breast-arms + butterfly kick (2-4 strokes) - (at least 2 lanes)
I'm not the thread opener though I thank for you nonetheless for your answer. I've decided to put proper butterfly on hold (health reason) but I still work on dolphin kick, etc.
I may try the one arm drill and see how my shoulder behave.
to get distance:
full dolphin with 0.5 extra kick (the relaxing-leg-kick), slows down, but you can do it forever and recover breath ;)
I may have tried something like this I definitely could not keep it going forever lol. I need I think more relaxation overall and my arms to work along with my core body (I suspect).
Another thing I found is to dive a little deeper, it definitely ease the stroke at the cost of a lot of speed. While doing so I also found that my arm movement move further away from butterfly "canon", like a "complete" breaststroke movement with a significant outsweep which help going up. the speed is better than in the relaxed (1.5 kick as you say) version of the stroke for me, the strain is mostly the same: I still can keep it going for long. I suspect for the same reasons: tensions, all the motions are not properly connected, losing focus on "dynamic buyoancy": chest pressure, hips elevation.
For me it helped to have two different kicks, the first more horizontal (body-wave) for translation - and one for catching breath (more vertical power).
That is something that have been bothering me for a while with the stroke,learning by myself I though 2 kick two undulations and it did not work. The rhythm is much slower than for proper butterfly and it is tough to generate enough elevation for the recovery (either way you dive too deep to have any speed). It is something that is not clearly explained: there are the body movements (from undulations to dolphin kicks depending how flat you swim*) then there is the "meta" undulation of the stroke which has its own tempo.
Say the body does down-up down-up, it has to be map on the meta undulation down-up-up-down. At least that is how I understand it now.

*that is something that bothers me, undulations does not seem to work with the "canon" arm movement for the stroke (minus super flexible shoulders). I can't get the undulation going properly as in breastfly/cobra as no matter the buoyancy going up is still more complicated than going down (and dirty arm exit and recoveries do a quick job at wearing me and throwing me out of rhythm).
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