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Default getting the "body-wave" and breathing-rythm

it helped me a lot to do the following two warm ups:

to get the body-wave and the kick-rythm:
breast-arm stroke + butterfly kick (at least 2 lanes)
2 kicks: one on entering the water (body wave), one at catching breath
2.5 kicks: a small one like relaxing the legs in between

to warm up the arms and get a breath-rythm:
one sided crawl (2-4 strokes) then change side (2-4 strokes) then full butterfly (2-4 strokes) then breast-arms + butterfly kick (2-4 strokes) - (at least 2 lanes)

to get distance:
full dolphin with 0.5 extra kick (the relaxing-leg-kick), slows down, but you can do it forever and recover breath ;)

For me it helped to have two different kicks, the first more horizontal (body-wave) for translation - and one for catching breath (more vertical power).
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