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Very neat analogy, thank you.

I'm the model on the clip referred to earlier.

Some night I showed up at the sports center with the intent of training (cardio, not related to swimming) and demonstrating that a strong kick wasn't a prerequisite for achieving smooth single arm drill. I had never tried it with a pull before, but felt it could only work. As always, I didn't have much time. Had to rely on a lifeguard to shoot, so I had 3min max.

Worked immediately but never would I have expected this strange juggling between the massive weight shift which needed to be connected with a very carefully taken catch. I mean there was a very strong connection between arm forming itself into a catch position, and opposite side waiting to fall down to favor easy pulling. It's all there. What the clip also shows, is the clear difference between "moving to set up into catch position" and "actually pulling". What comes prior the weight shift isn't that propulsive. It's aimed at getting into optimal position. As soon as the opposite side falls down, "then" the pulling is occurring.

Game was to get the momentum going as much as possible. When I first saw the playback, I thought this passive arm exiting the water *that* much was ugly. So I took another attempt, pretty much the same result.

Anyway, fun game.

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