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Default Slowing down Fly CAN be done!

I started learning butterfly in a class in September-October. I had a half hour a week for six weeks with an instructor at my pool. I just needed someone outside the pool to watch me and tell me what I could improve one step at a time. I have the BetterFly DVD and wanted to put it into practice.

Just like you, I was running out of air after a lap or two. I was like that through December. The biggest things the instructor did for me was to get me to hold my head neutral (higher than where I "hide" it for freestyle, but not fully raised), and to press my chest to get more "flow" in my body dolphin.

Last Sunday I managed six lengths @ 25yd non-stop. On this past Thursday I doubled that to 12 lengths. I'm focusing on the thoughts of:
- letting my body rise naturally as I relax and glide,
- keeping my head high enough to clear the water easily to breathe,
- gentle anchor of the hands before I swing the arms forward,
- gentle kicks,
- relax, relax, relax.

TODAY I DID 20 LAPS STOPPING ONLY TO HIT MY WATER BOTTLE! HOLY CRAP!!! That was after a full mile of freestyle to warm up, then another mile plus of freestyle to get me past 3 miles total for my swim. I am headed strongly toward my goal of doing a mile in Fly!

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