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Maybe because of getting older we see time running out and realize we have to get "there" sooner rather than later. But reaching too far beyond the attainable will only bring disappointment and maybe failure ---- certainly frustration at least.


Hey Mike Tks for the nice words, but when I said limitations, I meant physical. I like to think I am as flexible as I was when I was 30, but it ain't jusst so! You said it yourself--we do have to be realistic and have to set attainable goals. we just set ourselves up for failure. I do notice an "urgency" to attain goals just because of my age. I would like to swim a lot better before I cash it in.

One goal that I did not mention is that I have realized the need to get some 1 on 1 coaching this year. I have saved up for a few lessons and hope to arrange something this year with Coach Gary Fahey. He is the closest coach to where I live--about 2 hours away but I think it would be worth it. I've been spinng my wheels for a long time, so this is probably my highest priority.

Good luck on your goals Mike and have a great year.

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