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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
I believe what you are seeing is an "early pull" rather than a late kick. Tereybhas wrotten in the past about his rotator cuff injury from a car accident and by beginning his stroke early there is less force and pressure on the shoulder.

Sadly Terry can't speak for us but I feel this is an adaptation due to injury.

At the same time the early catch may keep his stroke distance longer when it's timed well so the combo of his kick and early catch creates a lot of forward movement.

I believe his timing is different on the left vs the right.
Coach Suzanne,

thanks for your input. The "late" kick is late only in relation to the kick timing I was using before watching timing so closely in the Freestyle Master videos. As far as I can tell, Coach Mandy, Shinji, and Terry all use similar kick timing. Terry's arm does start to drift down toward catch position earlier in the videos I've watched, but all three seem to be finishing the kick motion just as the spearing arm reaches fullest extension. I had been finishing my kick as the fingers of my spearing arm enter the water--so, kicking too early.

That said, I've noticed now that I'm adopting the later kick timing that my catch/press is happening sooner, with my stroke now moving farther away from catch-up timing. This earlier press seems to help with side-to-side balance in my stroke as I wait longer before kicking. It also seems like it is increasing my SR while maintaining or even reducing SPL. My default habit has been toward slower SR and lower SPL. I suspect I may end up with a faster SR and lower SPL once this "new" (to me) kick timing is fully incorporated into my stroke.
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