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Hello Warren,

@Werner that is some sure fancy sums you have done there.
So on the face of those numbers I am a hugely inefficient.
I must have a very wide flat head, I had a friend with an over sized head and the barbers used to quote his haircuts by the square metre.
??? If your stroke count is right and you TT OK, you're fairly fast and my numbers are yours. How are the pool-times of the other members of your OW-Group?

Ha, as nearly silver-surfer, my haircutter had to know something about circular computation :-)

3km in a pool, I would need to take a waterproof crossword puzzle in with me.
Oh no, three to four FPs should be far enough! Changing singles every two laps, then two combined in change then three....

Wish you as much enjoyment to get never bored!

Best regards,
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