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Thanks for the encouragement folks!

My initial plan was to do a 1 mile improvement project. However Terry's sets of 3 x 550yd (or 3x 3 x 200) just sounded too intimidating to me right now.

I decided first on an 800yd improvement project of 4 x 200 as an assessment set, then decided I needed just a little push and opted for 5 x 200. In additiion, the spring SCY AG Nats meet does not have an 800yd event, only 500, 1000, 1650 for longer distances.

So it became a 1000yd improvement project.

This swim was based on entirely focal point assessment & collecting initial information. In reviewing Terry's recent projects he is starting out wiht an already good idea of his SPLs & Tempos but I had no clue what they might be. I didn't want to arbitrarily start with a tempo trainer setting since it would lock me in to a cadence and could cause strain as I got fatigued and I wanted to keep it as neck & shoulder friendly as possible. (strained shoulder muscles pull on my neck causing more symptoms related to the cervical injury).

I used a recent focal point progression from our coach 1.0 training: hand to the bumper, slide the hip forward along tracks, and shoulder just clears the water on rotation. My plan was a 10 minute freestyle warmup, but I started at a pace I couldn't sustain for 10 minutes so it became a 5 x 100 tuneup set. Notes below.

After that, main set was 5 x 200 with 20" rest. I needed to start at a gentle pace to be sure I could complete it, as I was not entirely sure that I could. Here is the set & my results. Notes follow.

5 x 200 Assessment Set, 25 SCY Olympic Swim & Health Club 02/07/16

5 x 100 rotate through focal points above

Main Assessment:
5 x 200 (20") Focus: pacing to even or negative split the entire set. Choosing FP from tuneup to help awareness & attention.

100 as BR, BK, BR, FR all easy.

Practice Notes
Tuneup Focal points by 100s:
1) bumper
2) low hip sends hand (opposite connection)
3) high hip slides along track (same side& felt best)
4) just enough shoulder out in rotation (led to increased Rate)
5) head stays stable in q3 breathing

Re #5 lost all connection to other FP, but entire set descended from 2:00 to 1:43

Main Set:
Negative split!
1) FP included tracks, head alt by 50s;
2) breathing patterns by 50s-q4, q3, q3, 2;
3) by 25s -eyes lead head rotation, tracks ;
4) progresses by50s bumper, low hip, high hip, head;
5) finally by 25s "light" (faster turnover) then 25 "long"

Last Interval 3:31

Time Dist Pace Stroke Cycles
3:36.3 200 1:48 80
3:35.3 200 1:48 84
3:36.3 200 1:48 81
3:35.3 200 1:48 85
3:31.1 200 1:46 92

I was not counting strokes during this, just focusing on effort & focal points. I used my Garmin which is close, but not precise when tracking stroke count and tempo. It counts cycles since hte watch is only worn on 1 arm. But comaring to my tuneup set where I intermittently counted, an SPL range of 18-20 seems correct.

Likewise the Garmin's Tempo is not accurate as it does not account for pushoff distance/duration. I estimated my tempo as varying from 1.15 to 1.25 sec/stroke for the main set.

Next steps:
I plan to rotate through 3 approaches for my next 3 practices. This first was pace exploration with focal points. The next will be tempo exploration, and the 3rd type will be SPL exploration. I'll repeat the entire cycle once more for a total of 6 sessions, then repeat my assessment.

My next sessions will be:
#2 10 x 100 Tempo trainer pyramid starting at 1.15 up to 1.25 and back down
#3 5 x 4 x 50 SPL exploration by rounds of 5 (eg. 18s, 19s, 20s, possibly trying 17s and 21s). I may do these as 17+18, 18+19, 19+20, 20+21 & repeat. Bonus would be to negative split the whole set, but I'll be happy to descend each 50 within and repeat that 5 times.

#4 5 x 200
#5 2 x 5 x 100
#6 4 x 5 x 50

Each set will use progressively shorter distances with the goal by practices 4-6, to adapt to faster times/tempos while holding SPL.

I plan to allow 1-2 days between sessions, trying never to go more than 2 days off between swimming. This will allow for good recovery, other physical activities & doctors appointments as needed for followup. (Oh...and work...that kind of stuff).

Stay tuned!
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