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Default Suzanne's Performance Improvement Project (starting @ 800)

Some of you may know that I was involved in a car accident last March that left me unable to swim due to neck injury for 5-6 months, and swimming for rehab at total distances of anywhere from 300-800 depending on the day. Prior to last week I had done one swim of 1200 or so total and 1 practice totaling 1650 that took me a good hour to do.

Needless to say swimming for "improvement" has a new meaning for me. It's been over a year since I have used a tempo trainer for swimming or cared what my stroke counts are.

However last week I coached at our women's open water swim camp and while the week started rough I was thrilled with how well I improved over the week as far as resiliency from day to day and the high quality of my swim from a totally subjective perspective. By that I am referring to things like balance, core control, clean breathing all without neck pain.

So I felt ready to tackle an improvement project and am contemplating entering the spring USMS age group nationals in the 1000 or the mile or both.

I'll update tomorrow with what i chose for my first assessment set and ideas for upcoming practices.
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