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Hi drtse, here's a video with Terry and Shinji both doing sub 60spm (about 0.95 TT)

I'm obsessed with numbers today ... and it seems dyscalculia again unseated me earlier .. so, fwiw I am pretty confident that:

1. Steve West's 2.4m in 44:28 is a pace of 69.48 secs/100m (not 1.07!?!!), and he's covering about 1.44 m/sec.

2. From that FB clip, he's doing a stroke every 0.95 secs, so, with a 3 beep push off = 2.85 secs = say 4m, he's doing a SCM at between 14 and 15spl.

3. At 0.95 sec/strk his stroke length is about 1.37m, so if he's say 1.8m tall (just shy of 5'11") that's about a 75% conversion ... all maintained over a continuous swim of nearly 4,000m, in OW!!

4. He's taking 17:22 to do each 1500m .. Sun Yang does it in 14:31 .. in a pool!

I'm going to go lie down!
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