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thank you very much for your answers. But still some replies...

@ Janos,
Hi Werner, I suggest you practice sculling to gain a more perceptive feel for the water. You also have to remember that the feel for catch is not only felt at the arm, but from the hip too. Otherwise it is just a pull. Underswitch is an invaluable exercise for this. More hip drive means more power, but you have to able to transmit that via your arm, so you need to develop that relationship.
Not sure, if sculling drills are are right for what I'd call (higher tempos - 1.2s TT). Honestly, I don't know how to do them for fitting there. Involving the hips. This sounds worth some tries. Can you give some points of edge I have to focus in to get it right. So, when this relation does not fit right, you'll never get a good grip at higher rates... How to find the (varying?) relationships for different SRs? And how to avoid over rotating, when adding more power to hips rotation, when the body still is a log?

@ Zenturtle,
same above questions. I do have a most times good feeling for rotation and grip in my slower SRs. (OK, this feeling may be misleading and still bad. It's very subjective.) But today I swam some ATPs and tweaked the TT down until strokerange run out of my green zone. This happened first at 1.14s and second time at 1.12s. SR jumped from 19-18 to 21-23.

Hmmm just think about to swim some ATPs with closed fists...

(BTW what's atm surface?)

@ Danny,
I don't usually get very much below 2 min/100 m, so my comments may have limited relevance, but here they are, for whatever they are worth.
I'm glad too if most of my times after pooltime show pace below 2min/100m (especially when swam in LCM...) And every answer is worthful for me. There is one out there helping me to think in an other direction what ever it is.

If so, my question is: At what speed does this trade-off start to occur? It probably depends on body type, but, for a body like mine (1.8m, 68kg) when have I started to optimize streamlining so that I need to start focussing more on the effort side? Is it at about 2 min./100m? Any thoughts?
Bit jealous about your body shape (63y, 1.86m, 105kg(!?)) it's the same sticking point I am sometimes. I guess Terry's answer will be: Every work in streamline and ballance will pay off more than thinking how to add power.

So in my case adding more power in form of higher SRs leads into something I'd call a gripless gap. So I'd like not to add power but would like to apply it in the right way. How to do? 1.2s is a SR where I don't know anymore if there is anything to focus on than getting the stroke completed at next bong...

Best regards,
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