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Hello Zenturtle,

thanks for your answer. My optimal traction lies between 1:45-2:10min/100m. But it seems to break down totally below 1:40. (I'm aware that are slow speeds (in absolute terms) - Suzanne's recovery...)

If you are loosing traction at a low speed you create too much drag, have too little traction surface, or not building the pressure on the surface gradually I think.
Well, I hope my drag/streamline is not cause of that gripless hole. The traction surface of hand/arm will be constant (more or less) and yes, how can I build the gradually right pressure before loosing ideal traction? Think it's similar as a mirrorpoint to the slowest stroke where you just can feel traction starts. Think it shouldn't be a jerk, more gently but forcefully acceleration with maximum force applyed just at the last stroke cm. But how to adjust this?

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