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These have been excellent advice, from at least 2 real coaches! I'm just a struggling swimmer myself. However, I have to add that for a complete beginner with no prior exposure, after successfully doing a Superman Glide on your own, I would think it is understandable that adding the stroke throws everything off. Even one single stroke has the potential to throw you off balance if you have no prior concept of balance, although, of course, when you finally get it for the first time, it will be one stroke at a time.

However, from my own recollection of how bewildering everything was at the beginning, perhaps the idea of trying for SG + a single stroke => Skate might be too mysterious on your own if it is without having any idea of what Skate feels like.

So I would suggest trying to get into Skate position the same way you did Superman Glide, i.e. from a standing position in the shallow end. You will have practiced the skate position standing up a few times, so you push off gently with your feet off the bottom and launch yourself on the diagonal body angle, with the right arm angled downward ahead, your left arm held close to your left side, and the left hand stuck to your hip and thigh as though it was in your pants pocket. Initially you will tend to have your legs sink, but don't try to kick at first to correct this (it's one more confusing added skill at this point), just try to briefly glide, balancing in correct skate position, first on one side, then after rest, on the other side.

Once you get the idea of what a brief glide in skate position feels like, then it makes sense to start again in Superman Glide, then pull ONE stroke, rolling the trunk, to get to the one side skate position, and briefly glide in skate. First one way, then stand up, rest, start again SG to the other side skate position. All in the shallow end.
Hi SCLim,

Thankiu for sharing your experience. Appreciate it. Will give it a try.
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