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Hi liolio,

Only swimming a short time time, you have certainly developed a ton of awareness - nice!

Re: Kayak/windmill easier to breathe. Just to add to Coach Dave's excellent reply. Often swimmers will find air easier with windmilling arms since those arm movements are stabilizing your vessel, in other words the pulling arms are seeking stability. These are really instinctive movements that are primal human, not a cognitive choice. Instead, learn to balance without using/moving hands (and feet) and position body to remain balanced with hips and legs light. I suspect in your front quadrant timing, holding lead arm patiently in front your recovery arm/hand is stopping at the hip at exit too - this is a common problem. This "hitch at hip" causes the hips to sink (i.e. arm weight stalled behind the lungs) and thus difficult to breathe. When holding lead arm in front, keep the recovery moving continuously, swing recovery arm away from the body to maintain balance - don't hitch at hip lifting elbow early above the back/spine.

Keep up the good work!


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