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Hi all,

Feedback understood and taken, I'll bring this to Tracey and Keith's attention. There is probably an option for each of the active forum members to have a more anonymous FB account, as long as the admins of page are aware of who you are when you request to join. This forum is completely public too, but a user can remain anonymous for the most part.

Terry was a big fan of both facebook and twitter, and I know he would want the forum to continue to grow and flourish especially under a new platform where more swimmers had access and awareness of the TI medium. Most will seek out good public info/discussions regardless of the platform it's rendered on too. Terry was always an advocate of change and continuous improvement in swimming, technology, writing, communication, really everything - kaizen!

Again, more in the testing/rolling out phase, adjusting, etc - nothing confirmed if/when an upgrade to the forum will happen

Thanks for the feedback!

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