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Hi Stuart,

I am in Werner's age group, so perhaps it's not surprising that I feel the way he does about face book. I do have a face book account -- I was forced to get one if I wanted to see the pictures that my daughter posts of her travels -- but I avoid it like the plague. Face book has gotten some bad press (in my opinion) in light of all the scandals about fake news, and, to tell the truth, I prefer keeping my internet presence down to a minimum, just because I don't trust all the security agencies who are monitoring those things.

Time is probably passing Werner and me by, and I will be saddened if I am forced to turn to facebook for my usual dose of swim analysis. There is something about the whole structure of face book that seems to me to be a move in the wrong direction from a societal standpoint. But I probably lost that battle a long time ago. Just mark my words: You will all regret it!
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