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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
OK ZT, which of these two styles would you say Terry is swimming in the underwater shots of his stroke? His forward hand is almost beneath his shoulder when the upside hand first enters the water. Is he putting weight on the forward arm? Is Terry's style different from what Stuart is recommending in your opinion?

I think what Terry is doing is moving his forward arm down before the upside hand enters, but I suspect he does it at a slow enough rate so that he is not putting any pressure on the low side arm until his up side arm is entering the water. That said, I haven't really been able to copy this style. Lately I've been focusing on what Stuart recommends and I really like it because it allows me to swim distance in a relaxed fashion. One might argue that to eliminate slowing down between strokes one must simply increase the stroke rate. If Stuart is reading this, I would be interested in his thoughts on this.

I have said this before, Terry is the most non TI like TI swimmerI can find in all the youtube TI footage on internet.
When looking at that pace footage he could almost sell SS stuff.
At the edge of front quadrant and a pretty rotary and fluient style.

ok where was that footage? Yep here it is.

what is Terry doing here?
Looks to me he has a little weight on catch here, but it seems most of his pressure is coming form catching his rotational inertia with his arms. He doesnt moves his shoulder so much forward together with his arm and doesnt have as much core loading/tension as a lot of elite swimmers use, which makes the weight transfer less obvious. He is also bobbing a bit from the straightish arm mechanics at the higher speeds.
His patient arm is not a motionless dead arm. Its just moving slowly to a better angle to grab water after entry with a little bit pressure under it, and increasing the pressure relatively gradually compared to other more catchup style TI swimmers.
On the whole it looks very much standard swimming style with a 2BK.

Regarding pressure under the arm, it looks to me Terry is doing his personal version of active glide, perhaps a little more weightless at his lower speeds.

Do you agree with my description of the difference between the shown TI kraulstroke and the weight on catch stroke?

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