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Hi Danny,

That’s a great video, Terry goes into great detail words alone cannot cover in a forum post - but I don’t see anything to reconcile other that using different words. “Simplying movements into one awareness” when he’s talking about rediscovering the recovery arm and weight shift. Terry notes to avoid intentionally positioning the forearm vertical, or the “EFV” unless you’re Grant Hackett who can almost dislocate his shoulder at will. Absolutely, intentionally positioning the arm vertically, it will probably be wrong, damage your shoulders, and add nothing to propulsive force especially being out of leverage. Terry uses “weight shift” where I describe as external forces of the weight and momentum (gravity) of the high side arm to maintain balance and rotatate body to its opposite edge as it drops in to forward extension. The main emphasis is what’s moving forward not what’s moving back.

So my question goes back to you: What statement(s) or definition(s) are in conflict and require reconciling?

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