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Hi Danny,

It's much more simple than all the complexities I read on this forum and elsewhere. As long as you hold your edge and resist the impulse to pull, allow the high-side arm's weight and momentum to rotate the body, the "catch", "vaulting arm" will shape naturally. The high side arm triggers the low side arm, not the other way around. Stop focusing on what's moving back, and primarily what's moving forward. Controlling the positions of the low side arm through rotation will probably be wrong and worse be in a position, out of leverage that will do damage to the shoulders and provide no benefit to propulsion.

In short, the focus is to send the high side arm to its forward destination as you feel feather light pressure on the low side arm moving back - the vaulting, hold/grip of the water happens. It you snap the vault (by pulling) you lose the external forces of momentum gained from the hight side arm moving forward. Also "feather light" feel is subjective given the swimmer's experience, i.e your feather light feel can be my most firm feel.

So there is a coupling motion? lol

Yes i know exactly what you mean i hang the lead arm out and fell the (not so) featherlight pressure from the highside arm as it comes over
i spent 2 hrs drilling this last week.

the timing is about 3/4 catch up? not 50% under the shoulder?
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