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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
Hello Mushroomfloat,

Stuart knew Terry better than I, but I don't think so. He's neither the voice nor one of the swimmers. If I'm wrong, this has to be years (at least 10?) ago...

Best regards,

PS: But all the swimmers are showing exquisit balance in this drill!
Yup that's like 20 years ago TI. The 'shark fin', 'zipper switch', 1-2-3 tap-extend, we've long since abandoned for obvious reasons, even as Terry noted in the video, causing sinking, over rotation, breaking posture, lead arm high - all to rehearse a high elbow recovery. Terry would find this video hilarious too.

MF: Not sure where you dug that video up, it's an oldie, and you know we've noted abandoning these recovery drills years ago on this forum many times and you continue to forget. But it's great to see Terry and hear his voice voice from his 40's, never seen that one - pretty cool.

Re: Slowing down recovery to shape the catch is just contradictory to fast swimming. It's the other way around, speed the recovery to trigger the low side arm vault *without* coupling the arms windmill like.

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