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Default Phobic to Accomplished Swimmer, Tim Ferriss

An excellent piece on Tim Ferriss ('4-hour work week' author) from Business Insider down under, Australia. It's not about how Tim developed a "TI stroke", but the process that took him from a fear of drowning, unable to swim a lap, to swimming 40 laps in less than a week - then a swimming a mile in open water a few months later. And now coaching one of his own readers, Sarah Fryer, using the same process.

I love how Tim summarizes the process: Sequencing (a logical progression), Eliminating Failure (don't work yourself into panic), and Engineering Successes (give yourself early wins). All of which promote removing the human instinct to crawl and muscle through the water, to discovering your inner fish slipping through the water with whole body movements.

Read it here: Tim Ferriss explains how learning to swim [well] changed his life


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