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Default TI in Chile

Hi Terry:
First of all let me clarify that I am not a coach, but I head the organizing committee in my club for the masters program (I guess the term "Director" is a bad transliteration). Nevertheless, we have direct access to organizing the event in our pool.

With regards to your other message, I did not hear about he Strait of Magellan swim. It may have been in the press, but apparently the coverage was not that broad seeing that I missed it. Personally I am a warm and calm water swimmer, so far staying away from our cold ocean (average water temperature is 14-16 Celsius).

I am a recent TI enthusiast, struggling like the rest with the focal points. My biggest challenge is fitting my TI drills into our intense "traditional" training program where the focus is on developing aerobic capacity. What I can say, however, is that TI has allowed me to complete the sets right behind much more experienced and fit swimmers than myself. There is alot to be said about the structured approach to teaching thar allows one to be aware of the mechanics behind our strokes.

Congratulations and I hope to see you in the near future.
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